Our Projects

Proven track record of delivery in highly engineered environments.

Experienced in working with major brands across Europe and beyond, Scorpion understands and delivers the level of consistency needed in rail and construction projects.


Public sector

Over the last 3 years Scorpion have worked with local councils upgrading existing lighting systems to high efficiency LED


Scorpion were proud to play a major part of the award winning Jennings building regeneration at Porthcawl South Wales.


Scorpion were presented with the task of full design and installation of Electrical, Fire and security services.

Data Centre

Scorpion has many years experience in the installation of mission critical data centres.



Scorpion were awarded the full electrical installation package of all sub mains and associated plant rooms at the Aldgate Tower London.

Platform Surface Works

Scorpions newly acquired multi-skilled railway team assisted their client in delivering resurfacing works at Newport station as part of the great western electrification project. 


Industrial Roofing

Scorpions experienced roofing team have delivered many full refurbishment and roof over clad to a number of large industrial units.

Ground Gas Protection

Scorpion provided support in delivering gas protection and waterproofing solutions for a factory extension.